Take a deep breath, we’ve all been there. You certainly aren’t alone in feeling this way. While working for someone else may be the right choice for you, there are some things to do and to think about that may make all the difference for many overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Before throwing in the towel or deferring your dreams, consider some simple steps: Automate, delegate, and rejuvenate your business. These three simple steps may help you to overcome that overwhelmed feeling and allow you to create and run a successful business that doesn’t end up running YOU.

Automate: Streamline your tasks and workflow. Setting up systems and processes can be intimidating, but think about what you do right now at work. Is your time spent on those simple daily tasks that eat up your day? Do you constantly hit the same roadblocks or make the same mistakes that cost you money and time? Systems and processes are worth the set-up time because they can help you organize your workflow so that fewer mistakes are made, regular tasks are handled smoothly, and so that you can focus on running your business (instead of the business running you).

Delegate: Managing a team effectively is a worthwhile art. Training is part of delegation, and it’s a biggie. Train your team, properly, and cross-train them so they work together and even sub for one another in a pinch. This will save you a huge amount of time, energy, and even money! Job Descriptions: Everyone needs them. Set expectations so that everyone understands what to do, and how your company does it. That clarity makes for a happier and more effective team. Sort the tasks that someone else can do from those that require an owner’s touch. This allows you to focus on what you do best, and gives responsibility and confidence to the rest of your team. Delegation give you room to breathe, too.

Rejuvenate: Get back to doing the work that inspired you to start your own business. Get excited again about the quality work your company does, how valuable you are to your customers, and feel that joy again! With a happy and effective team, a smooth and automated workflow, and enough room in your schedule to focus on the work you love and the business of running a business…the only overwhelm you’re going to feel is overwhelming inspiration and passion for that business that is driving you crazy right now!

If you don’t have all three of these steps mastered and in place, it may be time to learn more about them or even find some help to get you started down the path to a smooth-running, successful business. You really can control the chaos and get your business, your joy, and your life back!

Kristi Pavlik
Chief Visionary Officer

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