I recently came across an article on Entrepreneur.com that caught my eye. You have Good Ideas–Don’t Let Them Disappear by Matt Mayberry made a point that I try to make with my own clients. Systems and processes aren’t just for big business! Automating even small tasks can make a business run smoother, and even a tiny start-up company run by a single person, can benefit.

The article talks about a simple process to capture good ideas before they evaporate. We know we should put a process like this in place for ourselves, after all, ideas don’t work 9-to-5! Matt goes on to suggest that the method of capture isn’t important, but evaluation of the collection at the end of the day, and a way to keep and enter the good ones into your action plan is also important. Simple, right?

Systems and processes can be just that simple. In this case, size DOESN’T matter! Every entrepreneur, from start-up to CEO of a Fortune 500 company, should set up a way to capture, evaluate, and act on those fleeting good ideas that come at odd times. Of course, as a single person company, you don’t need an employee manual or a training schedule, but other systems and processes can be useful right from the beginning!

Whether you are the only employee, or you have dozens of team members, systems and processes automate everyday tasks, help make your company run smoother, catch mistakes, and do a better job every day. After all, that’s what all business owners want… to create the very best product and please the customer!

What systems or processes could help automate and improve your business?

Kristi Pavlik
Chief Visionary Officer

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