You know it is important to keep looking for new ideas and better practices…we all do. The hard part is making time to do it. One of my favorite sources of inspiration and information is Entrepreneur. Last month I found an article there that really got me thinking.

“Secrets to Lasting Success as an Entrepreneur” by Nadia Goodman talks about what traits set the highly successful entrepreneurs apart from those who fail or falter. A Harvard study calls those traits “Brain Power Tools” and suggests that these tools are things you can do to find and create more opportunities, attain mastery, keep going through failures to build a successful career that lasts…which is what all of us want!

Although the five tools are pretty simple, they’re powerful. Make your own luck, know yourself and improve yourself, focus on the long-term goal, push your limits, and put energy into daily business. Think about it. Everyone you know, everyone you see interviewed or read about who is a phenomenal success in business uses those five simple tools.

If it’s that obvious, why should you read and apply the information? It’s a great way to change your mindset.

Make your own luck: We all get discouraged sometimes when opportunities are thin on the ground. Who else could be an ideal client? Where can I find them? What else do I have to offer? Asking those questions can mean you are on your way to creating your own opportunities.

Know yourself and improve yourself: YOU are the biggest asset your business has! Know what super skills and ideas you have to offer so you can market them. Weak spots? Build them up! Develop yourself along with your business…it will give you more to offer, which creates more business.

Focus on the long-term goal: You can’t hike to the top of the mountain if you don’t know where it is! Knowing where you want to take your company allows you to evaluate everything you do. If your goal is to be an internationally known Life Coach, developing a cookbook may not be the best use of your resources…but writing a self-help book is certainly a huge step toward your goal. All business plans and tasks can be evaluated on whether they further your progress, or lead you astray.

Push your limits: No one gets to the top by being comfortable. Ask yourself what more can you do, and be aware of the times you tell yourself “I can’t”. That may be the right time to decide “I can!”
Put energy into daily business: This goes along with the focus tool. Do the daily chores and responsibilities of running a business seem to wear on you? Change your perspective. Sure scheduling and emails eat time. But emails are a great way to communicate with clients and receive opportunities. And for every appointment you schedule, you have a chance to sell more. Every customer service moment is a chance to “wow” someone into recommending you to a new client! Be energetic in what you do every day, and it pays off.

So what steps can you take today to ensure you are one of those highly successful entrepreneurs?