This book will inspire and inform you…and hopefully encourage you to grow your business in new and exciting ways!

One of my hands-down favorite author, Seth Godin, and his 2002 book Purple Cow. Before you dismiss this years-old stale book that can’t possibly teach you anything, give it a try.

Seth Godin asks a simple, yet timeless question: What do spectacular companies (I’m talking the ones who hit records in growth and leave critics amazed when they outstrip established, mature brands) all have in common? They each have a purple cow. A what? Yes. They have a purple cow.

They offer something really special. Sure, there are something like 57 standard varieties of cows, but if you saw a PURPLE cow in a field, you’d take a closer look. You’d get excited, ask questions, and get interested. You would talk about that cow…and ignore all the other cows in the field.

THAT’s what companies like Apple and Starbucks have done that other computer companies and coffee houses have not. They are consistently amazing at what they do, every day. This creates remarkable buzz.

Think about it. If what your offer is truly outstanding, it’s not hard to market…it practically sells itself. If your company isn’t offering your customers purple cows, maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your business. Are you selling ho-hum products with lackluster service? Or are you peddling lavender llamas? Give Purple Cow a read and let me know what you think.

Never stop learning, never stop growing your business!
Kristi Pavlik

This book is available at Amazon, your local bookstore, or at your library. Enjoy!