Are you curling up on a cold winter’s night, and wishing for something inspirational, helpful, and exciting to read? Something that gets you excited about starting, owning, and growing your own business? I love sharing books that give you great advice, helpful tips, and get you excited again about your business.

My favorites are Seth Godin and Richard Branson, but there are many other authors with something important or useful to share, too. I’m always looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, so if you run across a business book that makes you sit up and sing with excitement, pass the suggestion along and you might find it featured here!

December’s book is The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz.

This book is about starting a new business with little cash, minimal experience, and no detailed formula or business plan for how to make it successful…just the qualities Mike Michalowicz looks for in a new entrepreneur!

With humor and a down-to-earth style, the author gives you information you need about plans, tapping resources, and priorities. Michalowicz has started and sold two successful multi-million-dollar companies, and is now in the midst of developing a third…which happens to be Obsidian Launch, a company that partners with inexperienced entrepreneurs to grow their businesses from concepts to industry powerhouses. Mike knows business start-ups.

He suggests there are three documents that every business owner should have, and many more that you can toss. Mike also talks about battling procrastination, assembling and infrastructure for success, and is filled with encouragement for you, in your business.

Try this book, and tell me what you think. Was it helpful? Inspiring? Too casual?

Whether you love it or hate it, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has something to teach you.

Never stop learning, never stop growing yourself or your business!
Kristi Pavlik

This book is available at Amazon, your local bookstore, or library. Enjoy!