What if something happens to you. The “Will” of your business

I realize that this is not a topic most people like to discuss on a personal level. And I am guessing that you have not even thought about it on a professional one. But it is an important topic and one that we can no longer hide from.

Do you have a “will” for your business?

Now, before you click off to something else, hear me out. Do you have systems in place to take care of your business matters so your loved ones don’t have to should something happen to you? Or what about even on the not so heavy side…what happens to your business should you be called away on an emergency?

These are serious questions you should be addressing. This is why my good friend and client, Garry Schleifer of Free Time Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs and Choice Magazine spent some time earlier last year mapping out the details for what happens to his businesses should there be a short-term emergency and more importantly a life-threatening one.

You can read all about it here.