Certified Online Business Manager – woop woop!

It is party hats and champagne (or maybe fizzy pop wine as my friend would say) day here at Adonai.

I have just completed one of the most grueling business training programs out there. I have now become a certified Online Business Manager.   

I worked my butt off and I did it for you, my Adonai clients, well, and for me.

You see, I am what some would call a life-long-Learner.  I love learning new tricks, tips, tools, methods, etc. on how to do business better.  I’ve read pretty much all the top business books out there, some even twice. I’ve attended seminars, webinars, live events, workshops, you name it. Developing my skills as a business person is completely ‘my jam’. 

But when it comes to investing in myself, umm….not so much. I could blame it on the fact that I am female, and we tend to take care of everyone (and everything) other than ourselves.  But truth be told, self-improvement type things bore me. I don’t like to exercise, meditation lasts about 5-minutes, I even fought against my coach who tried to get me in touch with my “inner self” (she won by the way).

Imagine my surprise when I signed up to go through the Online Business Management Certification program that I learned as much about myself as I did my business. 

I had been thinking of getting certified for a few years now, but always used the excuse that I have been in this business for just shy of 19-years, why on earth would I need a certification for something I already know. It’s not that I didn’t think the program had merit. Heck, anything that has Tina Forsyth’s name associated with it has oodles of merit, “just sayin’. But I felt that if there was anything out there at this point in my business that could elevate it to a new level, this certification program would be it.

Any sensible person would sign up early for the program to give themselves time to absorb everything there was prior to having to take a week long exam (yes, week long). Ummm, errr, that is not exactly how it went down though. Just like in college, I waited until the last minute to cram for my exam. I decided to do the program two weeks before the exam, yep two weeks (usually takes months).  Although I do not recommend doing it this way, it did bring some valuable insight to the forefront:

  1. I can accomplish what I set my mind out to do. I knew how many modules I needed to complete each day in order to meet the deadline and scheduled my time accordingly.
  2. I actually do know what the hell it is I am doing – ha!  What business owner doesn’t have “impostor syndrome” from time to time? I am no different. I had not realized how important this validation was until I had to wait several days to get the results of my exam. Even though my OBM trainer believed in me, I was not so sure.
  3. I learned several ways of doing things a bit differently that I am now – things I had not considered before. And they are not even major things, just tweaks here and there that will end up making a huge difference in how I run my business, how I show up as a  business owner, and how me and my team support our clients.

So here I am. Shiny new certification in hand, new insights loaded into my character, and a head full of knowledge and ideas to grow your business and get you out of the ‘hot mess’ you may currently find yourself in.

The next step is yours. I upleveled (again), are you ready to join me?  Could your business use the skills of a kick-ass, results focused Online Business Manager? If it could, let’s talk.