Total Business Automation Package

Are you a coach that feels like your business is a hot mess?

Are you tired of flying by the seat of your pants and chancing that everything will work out just fine?

Are you ready to be automate your business and to get structure and systems in place so that this thing runs smoothly?

Then I invite you to jump on a call with me and discover how over the next 12-months we can help you automate the key systems in your business.

At the end of the 12-months, your entire business will be systematized so that you know what is being done, when and by whom; your sales has grown exponentially; your clients are being well taken care of and have turned into raving fans; and the best part and your business are no longer a hot mess!


Files, Documents

how to name and where to house files (physical & virtual), and how to back them up.

Communication Management

is your phone ringing off the hook? Are emails going un-answered? Do you have boundaries set up so that you are dictating who can reach you and when? 

Scheduling Management

it's one thing to get someone on your calendar. It's an entirely different thing to have to keep rescheduling. 

Out of Office

what needs to happen when you are out sick, or simply want to take a day off, or eeek - go on a vacation and not have to take your laptop with you or constantly check in?


accounts payable, accounts receivable, and taxes...oh-my! Let's create a system so that you get paid, your vendors & team gets paid, and, well yes, the government gets paid.

Database / CRM

determining which platform is best for you to use and processing out how to utilize it to its fullest.


Project / Task Management

we will help you determine which is the best task management platform(s) to use, how to use it to it's fullest so you never need to ask "has this been done".

Team Rolls & Position Descriptions

when everyone on the team, especially you, knows who is is doing what - your business will run like clockwork. No more "I didn't know I was responsible for that".

New Team Member Intake

finding team members and bringing them on board is nothing to take lightly. Having the proper procedures in place will ensure that your team members can hit the ground running. 

Team Communication & Management

along with the task management system, determining & processing out how you work with your team to ensure that expectation are met

Ending Team Relations

sometimes things happen and you need to part ways with a team member. Lets make sure that transition is as smooth as possible.


Marketing Specs

establishing a branding guide, a place where all your marketing pieces are located - logos, color codes, fonts, etc.

Promotional Calendar

determining what platform is best for you to use and processing out how to utilize it to its fullest. This is the "what is going to be sent out / posted, and when" schedule.

Social Media

mapping out what platforms you should be focusing on, how often you are to post, what you should be posting, and how to best engage with your followers.

Blog & Newsletters

determining if you should be blogging & / or sending out newsletters, how often, what types of things to write about, and what platform(s) you should use.

Email Marketing

creating a process that allows you to stay in front of your target audience beyond social media.

Product Launches

creating a systematic approach to your launches - allowing you to save time , energy & money by establishing a rinse & repeat model.

JV / Affiliate Management

setting up a process by which your partners are able to easily promote your products & services, as well as a way to track their efforts & payout any commissions earned.


Lead Follow-Up

determining & processing out the steps you need to take in order to turn that lead into a paying client.

New Client Intake

the steps you need to take to make sure that each new client is made to feel like they are your #1 client.

Client Fulfillment

what needs to happen in order to deliver your programs & services. These are the steps that turn your clients into raving fans.

Ending Client Relations

determining what you are going to do now that what the client purchased from you is complete; the "what's next" steps.

Each Automation Package Includes:

  • Road Map

    A custom road map that will show each step taken from start to finish.

  • Process Documents

    Detailed step-by-step directions for how you perform the steps laid out in the road map.

  • Templates

    Any templates and scripts that are needed to enhance the process documents.

  • Automation

    We will set up all aspects of the system that can be automated.

  • Delegation

    We will show you which pieces of each system can, and should be, delegated.

  • Peace of Mind

    And best of all, with your Business Essentials fully optimized, you will have the peace of mind that key systems are automated, your team knows exactly what needs to be done and when, and you are able to focus on the pieces of running a business you do best.

If you are interested in learning more about the Business Essentials Automation package, or any of our other automation packages, then...