Personal Bio

Who am I, really...

Hi - I'm Kristi Pavlik and I am a "you get what you see", tell it to you straight, give you all that I have, kind of gal.

My husband says I don't have a subtle bone in my body. And you will always know where you stand with me.

I once had a client tell me that they thought I cared more about their business than they did.  They were not that far off.

My personal interests include:

  • My family - I am blessed to have been married for over 24-years and have two of the most loving, well-mannered kids on the planet, and Sadie...our 90-lb lap dog.
  • Travel - my personal goal is to travel North America in a Class C camper and visit every National Park. So far we have been to The National Mall, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Cuyahoga NPs.  But our favorite vacation spot will always be Walt Disney World.
  • Long bubble baths - seriously...its a running joke now. I will get at least 10 bottles of bubble bath for Christmas every year.
  • Star Wars - huge Yoda fan.  My license plate is Yoda1. And yes, I would very much like my very own Grogu (baby Yoda).
  • And DIY type crafts -   I once had an obsession with building things out of reclaimed pallets. Another time I toyed around with PVC piping. This year I have taken up diamond painting. It's like paint by numbers, but using crystal beads.

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Kristi Pavlik

Professional Bio

Kristi has a reputation as being "The Systems Chick."

Active in the business management field for over twenty years, Kristi guides entrepreneurs from beginners to established business leaders on their path to freedom. She’s quick to step in and help her clients  “get out of their own way.”

She designs systems and processes for her clients that fit their needs. There are no cookie cutters in her office. Each business is different, each client is different, and therefore creativity and ingenuity are a must.

Kristi is a visionary who has the gift of seeing things the way they are and knowing how to create calm out of the chaos.

With her multifaceted perspective, Kristi understands how each piece of a client’s business––and their future goals––work together.  She then creates the structure and the systems that result in improved efficiency, increased productivity, and significant progress toward scaling their business to the next level.

Kristi has a firm belief that with the right systems, everything is possible.

She’s assisted her clients in launching new businesses, growing established businesses, and exploring uncharted territory.

Devoted to collaboration and relationship building, Kristi loves working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are out to change the world and help others. Her focus is to increase the reach of those businesses and organizations, expanding the good they do every day––and realizing the freedom they deserve.

And she models the behavior of a healthy, successful entrepreneur.

When she’s not her own office, Kristi can be found working in her garden, playing with her dog, Sadie, acting as “mom-taxi” to her two kids, Katy & Josh, or hanging out with her husband, Andrew, her partner of more than twenty-three years.

She loves to travel and reading––and she is an avid Star Wars fan. Just ask her––she is always more than happy to show you her Yoda collection. Her favorite quote is of course “Judge me by my size do you?...Size matters not.”

Stand next to her and you can easily see why. She is a force to be reckoned with––and one you’d gladly have on your team.

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