How We Work

At Adonai Business Solutions, we work with our clients in a three-phase cycle:

Phase I


We start all of our client relationships with doing a deep dive into what the current needs are, what the short & long term goals are, and what the overall vision is for the business.

For some clients, this phase is short and can be accomplished in one or two sessions. For others, we may need to take some time to ensure that the client is clear as to what their vision is for the business. 

We do not move into Phase II until there is a clear vision in place. Building systems for something we are unsure of is a waste of time & money - and a disservice to the client.

Phase II


Now that we are clear on the vision of the business we can roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Systems & automation are essential to a solid business foundation. 

In this phase, we get purposeful to automate the business and get the structure and systems in place so that everything runs smoothly, ultimately ending any chaos that our clients may be facing.

The best part of designing systems is that we can then show our clients exactly what will be automated, and what should be delegated. 

We then take it one step further and implement the automation pieces. By the time we are done with Phase II, our client's businesses are structured to run like well oiled machines. 

Phase III


Here at Team Adonai, we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to running a business, so how we service our clients is custom to their specific needs.

Some of our clients go through Phase I and II only. They may already have a support structure in place and just needed the guidance on how to best use them.  Or they simply are not ready to move into having someone else manage their business for them. 

However, most of our clients come to us because they are ready to focus more on coaching and less on running the business side of coaching.  They want more of a COO-type relationship. With a clear vision and the proper systems in place, transitioning into Phase III is seamless. 

We work closely with these clients on a daily basis handling everything from launch management to social media management to program management and everything in between.

What to Do Next

If you are ready to spend more time coaching and less time running a coaching business, then I invite you to schedule a 30-min discovery session.

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