Business Essentials Automation Package

It's one thing to make a sale, its another thing entirely to ensure you have a happy client long term.  This becomes harder and harder and harder as you grow.

Too often your expertise becomes dimmed or even lost entirely to a poor client experience.   YOU may be doing great work, but when the client’s payments don’t go smoothly, or your calendar is double booked, or they constantly have to email you to get their handouts – or whatever ‘back end stuff’ isn’t working, it makes your entire business look unprofessional. It reflects badly on you and it distracts your client’s focus from your brilliance.

At the end of the day, if your clients are not happy - you are not going to be happy.

This is why we developed our Automation Essentials Package - to ensure your clients feel they have made the right decision to work with you and become raving fans.

Lead Follow-Up

determining & processing out the steps you need to take in order to turn that lead into a paying client.

Client Fulfillment

what needs to happen in order to deliver your programs & services. These are the steps that turn your clients into raving fans.

Files, Documents

how to name and where to house files (physical & virtual), and how to back them up.

Accounts Receivable

determining which shopping cart platform is best for you to use and processing out how to maintain your incoming payments.

New Client Intake

the steps you need to take to make sure that each new client is made to feel like they are your #1 client.

Ending Client Relations

determining what you are going to do now that what the client purchased from you is complete; the "what's next" steps.

Database / CRM

determining which platform is best for you to use and processing out how to utilize it to its fullest.

Each Automation Package Includes:

  • Road Map

    A custom road map that will show each step taken from start to finish.

  • Process Documents

    Detailed step-by-step directions for how you perform the steps laid out in the road map.

  • Templates

    Any templates and scripts that are needed to enhance the process documents.

  • Automation

    We will set up all aspects of the system that can be automated.

  • Delegation

    We will show you which pieces of each system can, and should be, delegated. And should you need it, help you to find the right team member(s) to keep you and your business running like clockwork.

Offline Business Essentials Automation is a 90-day package.

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