Operations Automation Package

Missed calls, double booking appointments, financials are a complete mess, the one time you actually get to take a vacation & everything falls apart in the office, and that ever troublesome email hell -- all great reasons why your business operations should not be overlooked when it comes to automation and systems.

Let us build you a custom automation package that could include some or all of the following:

Files, Documents

how to name and where to house files (physical & virtual), and how to back them up.


accounts payable, accounts receivable, and taxes...oh-my! Let's create a system so that you get paid, your vendors & team gets paid, and, well yes, the government gets paid.

Scheduling Management

it's one thing to get someone on your calendar. It's an entirely different thing to have to keep rescheduling. 

Database / CRM

determining which platform is best for you to use and processing out how to utilize it to its fullest.

Communication Management

is your phone ringing off the hook? Are emails going un-answered? Do you have boundaries set up so that you are dictating who can reach you and when? 

Out of Office

what needs to happen when you are out sick, or simply want to take a day off, or eeek - go on a vacation and not have to take your laptop with you or constantly check in?

Each Automation Package Includes:

  • Road Map

    A custom road map that will show each step taken from start to finish.

  • Process Documents

    Detailed step-by-step directions for how you perform the steps laid out in the road map.

  • Templates

    Any templates and scripts that are needed to enhance the process documents.

  • Automation

    We will set up all aspects of the system that can be automated.

  • Delegation

    We will show you which pieces of each system can, and should be, delegated. And should you need it, help you to find the right team member(s) to keep you and your business running like clockwork.

Operations Automation is a 90-day package.

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