Who We Work With

At Adonai Business Solutions, we work with business & life coaches, as well as other entrepreneurs, who:

  • Have a Big Vision

    You might not have it all figured out, but you know you are meant to have a big impact on your client's lives.

  • Want More than 1:1 Clients

    You want to add group programs, memberships, etc. to your 1:1 service offerings.

    Or maybe you already offer those and need help in streamlining your efforts. 

  • Want to Reduce Chaos

    You want to reduce chaos and increase productivity.

  • Recoginze They Need Help

    You have been doing all the task work it takes to run a business yourself and are ready for some help

  • Knows Efficiency is the Key

    You knows there has got to be a better, more efficient way to run a business.

  • Feels Their Business is a Hot Mess

    You love what you do, but feel your business is one hot mess!

What to Do Next

If you're saying YES, THAT IS ME to any of these statement and are ready to spend more time coaching and less time running a coaching business, then I invite you to schedule a 30-min discovery session.

You can book your session by clicking on the button below.