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Virtual Chatter

Can you Vacation?

One of the greatest joys of owning your own business and working for yourself is the freedom to schedule work around your family, spouse, and life. Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves as we file for our Tax ID and begin pouring our energy, effort and time into growing this new project we…

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Empowering Your Team

“Empowering employees so that they can make good decisions is one of an entrepreneur’s most important tasks.” – from Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson I agree with Richard Branson. Empowering your employees, contractors, and team members of any flavor so they can make good decisions on…

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Systems and Processes Aren’t Just Big Business Tools

I recently came across an article on that caught my eye. You have Good Ideas–Don’t Let Them Disappear by Matt Mayberry made a point that I try to make with my own clients. Systems and processes aren’t just for big business! Automating even small tasks can make a business run smoother, and even a…

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Entrepreneurs, are you overwhelmed and considering trading your business for a day job?

Take a deep breath, we’ve all been there. You certainly aren’t alone in feeling this way. While working for someone else may be the right choice for you, there are some things to do and to think about that may make all the difference for many overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Before throwing in the towel or deferring…

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Do You Have a Paper Nest?

Look around your work area. Are you sitting in a nest of paperwork? Can you tell what day you began a project by how far into the piles you find it? Uh-oh! Are your papers all put away, but you find you’re still searching for what you need, and have useless junk in your files?…

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Should you be the one running a business?

How’s that for a controversial question? Should you be the one running your business? Your feathers may be ruffled, but man, this has been a major thorn in my side for years. Just because you are good at something, does not mean you have the ability to run a successful business about that something. Let…

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